“Discover Innovative Methods to Turn Article Marketing Into a Roaring Success, Step-by-Step, from the Founders of One of the Internet's Most Successful Article Directories.”

Discover the secrets to write and submit articles like a pro to generate traffic, gain search engine rankings, and build your business credibility and reputation... all at the same time...

From: Simon & Eyal,
Founders of ArticlesBase.com

Dear Friend,

Article marketing has emerged as one of the most popular, risk free ways to jump start an online business. Whether it is more traffic you want, more sales or just more publicity, article marketing can accomplish all this and more!

If you have an online business, you should consider using articles to drive traffic to it. But what's Article Marketing actually? How can one market a million-dollar business with articles?

Article Marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your business online. Here are just some of the reasons:

Several of the Fortune 500 companies are already investing significantly in article marketing. There are hundreds of article directories on the Internet with millions of articles on them promoting businesses. It is an undeniable fact that Article Marketing is the way to go. A person who isn't marketing with articles just isn't "IN"!

Getting started with Article marketing is very easy. But...

There's a catch (there's always a catch). You have to do it in the "right" way to unleash its immense power for promoting your business. This is where we come in...

As founders and owners of one of the Internet's largest Article Directories, we know for a fact that article marketing do work! Our directory, ArticlesBase.com, features over 270,000 articles from 32,000+ authors, all of them continue to write and publish articles in order to gain search engine ranking and direct traffic to their website or blog.

Here's our website, ranking at #1 on Google, out of 27,000,000+ websites!

Being in the position to educate online entrepreneurs on Article Marketing, we've decided to write an easy to use, step-by-step book that will help people like you to harness the power of article marketing.

For the first time, we unleash on you the secrets of Article Marketing. These are the secrets guaranteed to take your business out in the open - out to the niche where you want to take it. These are the secrets that are used by Fortune 500 companies. These secrets have become second nature to them, and now it is time they became second nature to you too.

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Article Marketing!

This easy-to-follow book has to be one of the most exhaustive books written about Article Marketing. This is one book that contains all the commandments of this advertising strategy.

We will teach you everything you need to know in order to leverage the full potential of this powerful marketing technique. We reveal what we've learned from running one of the most successful online article directories.

We cover everything from how to write attention-grabbing titles, to article writing techniques, to writing a great bio that really pulls those clicks in...

We also tell you where you should to submit your articles to, and when... Some strategies are great for natural search engine rankings, and some are great for direct traffic – we'll tell you exactly which strategies work best.

If you are looking for a low cost marketing tool for your business on a global scale, you need to use the power of Article Marketing to the hilt. Remember that your competitors are almost certainly using this tool already, and you should not be left out for too long.

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Here's the entire Table of Contents from
"Entrepreneur's Guide to Article Marketing":

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Article writing: essentials to keep in mind
    • Theme based topics
    • Information rich content
    • The use of strategic keywords
    • Having an end objective
  • Chapter 2: Choosing the perfect title for your articles
    • Search engines are hunting
    • Avoiding over usage
    • Redundant words
    • Your organization's name
    • What is in it for them?
  • Chapter 3: How to write a great author bio
    • All about selling yourself
    • Highlighting your credibility
    • Making first impressions count!
    • The URL
    • Keeping it short
    • The benefit
    • The tone of voice
    • Include a quote
    • The usage of person
  • Chapter 4: How to approach directories to market your articles
    • Paid versus free
    • Registration
    • Expert author status
    • The resource box
    • Submission booklines
    • Contact information
    • Categories
    • Popular topics
  • Chapter 5: Going about the process of distribution
    • Don't write only for SEO purposes
    • Article directories
    • Email lists
    • Personal submissions
    • Software for distributing articles
    • Don't randomly distribute
  • Chapter 6: Why automated submissions can be your best bet to successful article marketing
    • Bulk submissions
    • Individual fields
    • Without ads
    • Avoiding SPAM
    • Subject Matter Expert
  • Chapter 7: What article marketing can do for your business
    • Brand recall
    • More click throughs
    • More sales
    • More inbound links
    • Search engine ranking
    • Access to new keywords
    • Recurring sales
    • The concept of pre-selling
  • Chapter 8: The low cost, high impact tool – Article marketing
    • Publicize your business
    • Hardly any investment needed
    • Advertise your products
    • Build on brand value
    • The power of Web 2.0
    • Low risk tool
    • Keywords to get you better PR
    • Domain expertise
  • Chapter 9: Experience surges in traffic volumes like never before – with article marketing
    • Repeat customers
    • More inbound links
    • Better PR = more traffic
    • Good quality content
    • Paid content
    • Teasers to lure more customers
    • People remember your brand
    • Subject matter expert
  • Chapter 10: Quality versus Quantity – success lies not in numbers but in the way you market your articles
    • Mass distribution
    • Recycled content
    • Redundant incoming links
    • Prevention is better than cure
    • Using your own site
    • Expert blog
    • Good quality articles = great links
    • books are a great option
    • Guest blogging
  • Conclusion
  • The Entrepreneur's Guide to Article Marketing is the result of thousands of hours of writing, submitting, tracking and testing the best article marketing techniques - all in one easy-to-read, easy to understand, easy to apply ebook.

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    Learn the how use PR to bring your articles high on the search engine results and put them in the face of your customers. PR is Page Rank, the scorecard for a webpage by which big search engines like Google rank the webpages. This book teaches you why a better PR means a better business, and how you can achieve that equation for your own business.

    The Entrepreneur's Guide to Article Marketing will amaze you both with the depth of the information, and the ease with which you will be able to apply everything it teaches. You will be able to start generating quality traffic within hours of your download.

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    That's right! We personally guarantee that if you apply the techniques and strategies in our book, you will double your article marketing results. If we're wrong, send us an email within 8 weeks of your purchase, and we will cheerfully refund your money. You have nothing to lose!

    Download this book now, and in several hours, submit your next, optimized article, and have traffic by morning!

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    Just think... instead of spending hours writing articles the "wrong" way and submitting to the wrong article directories, you can write articles that compel readers to click through to your website or blog and submit them to the right directories for the best response. The Entrepreneur's Guide to Article Marketing will take all the questions out of the article marketing process, and show you exactly what to do to get maximum results.

    Don't you owe it to yourself to at least try it?...

    Simon & Eyal

    P.S. Due to the competitive nature of this business, if we find that the techniques revealed in this book are being overused and reducing their effectiveness, we will raise the price considerably - or pull this offer all together - so get this book while it is still available.

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