Semen Padang Appoints Syafrianto Rusli Replaces Nilmaizar

Semen Padang Appoints Syafrianto Rusli Replaces Nilmaizar

Semen Padang management appointed Syafrianto Rusli as head coach on four remaining matches in League 1 Indonesia to replace Nilmaizar.

Former football coach PON West Sumatra was chosen because PSSI oblige head coach must hold the A AFC license.

Meanwhile, the interim coach, Delvi Adri, has not met the criteria.

“In addition, we do this because Semen Padang achieved minor results in recent matches,” said President Director of PT Kabau Sirah Semen Padang (KSSP), Iskandar Zulkarnain, Thursday (19/10/2017).

Syafrianto’s appointment is also due to proximity factors. The coach who brought West Sumatra soccer team won the gold in PON 2002 has been handling Semen Padang in 2006. Syafrianto also exist as an instructor coach AFC.

“If choosing another coach would require adaptation, while the game only left four games again,” said Iskandar.

Syafrianto targeted management to be able to save Semen Padang from relegation this season, while Delvi Adri returned to his original position as assistant coach.

“The technical advisor is still held by Suhatman Imam, only Delvi’s position is changed to the assistant manager,” said Iskandar.

Syafrianto himself will make his debut on Sunday (22/10/2017) coming when Semen Padang faced with Persija Jakarta at Patriot Stadium Bekasi.

However, when dealing with Mitra Kukar this afternoon, Syafrianto has started to give direction.


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