Ian Wright Supports Dyche Wenger replaces

Ian Wright Supports Dyche Wenger replaces

Arsenal football legend Ian Wright has completely agreed with Sean Dyche who now handles Burnley forward in place of Arsene Wenger if his contract ends at Emirates Stadium.

Last season Arsene’s work should have ended and the fans are asking for the management not to extend it, but the club actually provide a refresher for the next two years because despite failing to bring the Gunners through the top four but the Frenchman was able to give the FA Cup title.

However, Wright feels the future of Dyche is now 46 years old is very appropriate to provide direction for Petr Cech Cs.

“I believe Dyche is a necessary person to the next level, to the next level” Ian Wright said to the media.

“Yes, the fact is whether they will give Sean Dyche the job?

“Regarding how his team determined when they lasted, he clearly gained fame. But did he get the job? I think he is reluctant to do so. “


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