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Ferrara: I Want To Be A Ventura Successor But …

Ferrara: I Want To Be A Ventura Successor But …

The former Italian defender Ciro Ferrara admits he wants to train successor Giampiero Ventura who has recently been dumped after failing to qualify for the 2018 World Cup

And as a manager, Ferrara himself has a pretty good experience, considering he had been a coach of Sampdoria, Juventus, Wuhan Zall, and also the Italaia U-21 national team.

Nevertheless, for the moment he did not feel the right figure to win Italy.

“I want to be the manager of the Italian national team, because I also have experience coaching U-21 national team,” said Ferrara to the local media.

“But right now I’m not the right person. With the names that exist, I do not think they will talk about my name. Maybe because they need a coach with a certain experience.

“Fabio Cannavaro could be the most appropriate person, but he is still busy becoming the biggest team manager in Super League China, Guangzhou Evergrande. As for GIanluigi Buffon, of course we can not talk about it because at this time he is still playing with Juventus. “He said.


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